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AI Mic Noise-canceling Adapter


        ANEC Technology (Xiamen) Co. Ltd is one of the technological products manufacturers and service provider company focuses on intelligent voice noise reduction products and. The company was established in 2021. The company's core team members have more than 18 years of professional experience in audio algorithms and communication noise reduction products. With core technologies such as cancellation algorithm (AEC), voiceprint recognition, beamforming, computational auditory scene analysis (CASA), and microphone array, the team currently has 5 invention patents and 6 utility model patents for DSP audio technology and applications, 1 technology of Fujian Province Invention Technology Progress Award.


We are committed to empowering traditional voice hardware with AI technology, strongly improving its noise reduction and pickup effect, and democratizing expensive professional products.


We provide the world's leading intelligent voice noise reduction products and solutions for live broadcast, short video, online education, hibird work, audiobooks and other scenarios.

  • AI Mic Noise-canceling  Technology



    Certification of CTTL:B20Z62185-STA01


    Based on the technical accumulation of the technical team in the field of speech noise reduction in the past 20 years, we combines AI noise reduction algorithm innovatively with microphone array and integrates human voice detection technology (VAD), MFCC feature spectrum analysis, high-order fast LAMS algorithm under the framework of deep learning, so as to realize the microphone active noise reduction (Patent number: ZL 2021 2 2100178.1). Through this technology, it can effectively filter more than 96% of background noise.